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Extreme temperatures impact crops and lately, the weather has been all over the place! It can be difficult for plants to recover after damaging weather conditions such as excessive heat, hail, frost and flood.

Stoller’s Plant Stress Recovery Program helps crops bounce back after a stress event.

Bio-Forge & WL Zinc Chelate

Treat the crop with Bio-Forge & WL Zinc Chelate, before or after the stress event.

These products protect plants and increase root growth therefore maximising yield potential even during difficult conditions.


Feed new growth with an application of Foli-Zyme.

These products give crops their best chance at recovering yield.

Stoller’s Plant Stress Recovery Program help plants recover from various abiotic/biotic stresses, as pictured below.

Environmental variability is one of the biggest barriers to achieving the best crop yield possible. Stress events like wind, frost, heat, and hail along with too much water or not enough, all reduce a crop’s yield. Even stressors like mechanical damage and herbicide applications reduce the yield potential or genetic expression of a crop.  Stress events trigger changes in the balance of plant growth hormones and this can irreversibly reduce yield. These events can throw hormones out of balance, stopping root growth and increasing the production of stress hormones.

When plants are stressed they produce more ethylene. Ethylene is a gas produced in plant cells to regulate hormone movement throughout the plant. It is essential for cells to function but when cells are under stress, the oversupply of ethylene can cause premature cell death and plant damage. Without treatment, plants won’t recover as fast or reach their full yield potential.

Roots play an incredibly important part in plant hormone production and regulation. Plant hormones must be constantly made and regulated in the cells at the root tips (meristematic tissue). Maintaining healthy root tip growth is critical to maintain the optimal hormone balance needed to maximise genetic expression and yield.  By maintaining strong root growth, this increases nutrient uptake efficiency and helps keep plant hormones at optimum levels.

Stoller’s stress program protects and encourages root growth and protects crops against stresses.  For more information on how Stoller’s products can help in times of stress are outlined can be found by contacting our office at 1800 337 845 or email

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