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Root Health

Maintain the brains of the operation

A plant’s roots are effectively the brains of the operation. Four of the major plant hormones that control plant growth and development are produced in the roots. As roots die off every 14 days on average, maintaining good root growth is essential to maximising the yield potential of all crops.

A strong and healthy root system is particularly important during cold weather. As temperatures drop, nutrient uptake can slow, significantly reducing both root and top growth. Stoller’s RootFeed supplies the critical nutrients crops need to feed continuous root growth even in tough conditions, including nitrogen in a slow release amine form, calcium and magnesium. It also contains Stoller’s proprietary co-factors, designed to encourage the development of new roots.

Apply Stoller’s RootFeed every 7–14 days to help crops maintain a healthy root system. It is also ideal for injection in micro-irrigation systems.

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