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Cotton – Squaring

The Importance of Cotton Squaring

When cotton begins squaring it is important to manage the balance between reproductive and vegetative growth. During this time, the crop needs ongoing yet not excessive growth to support fruiting and maintain fruit retention. Disproportionate growth can lead to fruit loss, and inefficient utilisation of water and nutrients.

“The aim is to provide a stable growth habit providing the crop with the ability to support growing fruit loads while continuing to increase the number of fruiting positions.”

Managing this physiological stage well brings benefits:

  • Improved use of water and nutrients.
  • Maintaining optimal fruit retention and overall development.

Managing squaring is one of the keys to producing high yielding and efficient crops.

Stoller’s Integrated Solutions (SIS) for cotton supports plant recovery for normal growth during squaring while

maintaining flower and boll quality.  The complete program also ensures healthy, balanced canopy growth.  To confirm that the SIS for cotton increases quality, quantity and return on investment for your cotton crop, we have undertaken numerous in-field trials with proven results. Out in the field, our goal is to help cotton plants to establish quickly and strongly and to develop efficient and large vigorous root systems for optimal uptake of nutrients and water leading to increased yields.


Squaring Explained

The squaring stage of cotton cropping is the period when the cotton plant begins to form squares, which are small, green structures that will eventually become the cotton bolls. This stage typically occurs around 30-40 days after planting, depending on the specific cultivar and environmental conditions.

During the squaring stage, the plant continues to grow and produce leaves, but its focus shifts to producing the structures that will contain the cotton fibres. The plant will produce several squares per node and will continue to do so until the plant reaches the maximum number of squares it can produce.

This stage is considered a critical growth stage for cotton as it is during this stage that majority of the yield potential is determined. Adequate water and nutrient supply is required for good square retention and boll set. Adequate pollination is also important for successful boll set.

Management practices such as irrigation, fertilization and pest management are critical during this stage to ensure that the plant has the resources it needs to produce a high yield.

Overall, the squaring stage is a vital stage in the cotton cropping cycle, as it sets the foundation for the final yield potential of the crop.

The products within the cotton SIS support cotton crops throughout the season, from starter fertilisers in-furrow, to foliar applications at the first fruiting branch and right through to boll maturation.

Stoller Australia’s products help cotton plants to establish quickly and strongly, developing efficient and deep root systems for optimal uptake of nutrients and water. Developing a large, robust and vigorous root system right from the start helps increase access to nutrients and moisture, balance plant growth and maximise yield.

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