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Bio-Forge® is a unique patented nutrient formulation containing Diformylurea. With its antioxidant properties, Bio-Forge® works to maintain the genetic potential of plants, improve growth, and increase yield in a variety of agricultural crops.

Bio-Forge® regulates specific genes associated with root development and stress ethylene production to allow better nutrient uptake, resulting in improved yields. It is both preventive and curative, allowing growers the flexibility they need to react to plant stress.

When crops become stressed they produce excess ethylene, which upsets plant balance. Ethylene is a normal plant growth hormone produced in the cells, it holds the key function of controlling all other hormones within the plant. Although critical to plant functionality, excess levels of ethylene, such as in a stress event, can cause premature cell death and plant damage.

Keeping ethylene at a normal level is critical to maintaining healthy growth in a crop and high yields at harvest. The earlier the action is taken to regulate ethylene levels in a crop, the better resistance the crop will have when stress factors occur. Taking preventative action to reduce excessive ethylene by applying Bio-Forge® results in greater future yields, profitability and quality produce.

Bio-Forge® can be applied as a seed treatment to ensure optimum growth during stress events and in difficult growing conditions.

Bio-Forge® gets your crops back to a normal growth pattern.

  • Restores nutrient status and normal plant growth.
  • Quickens recovery from plant stresses.
  • Helps resist negative impact of stress.
  • Assists plant growth during dry periods.
  • Increases the natural vigorous growth of young plants.