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Cotton – Pre Squaring

Cotton – Pre-Squaring

Prior to the beginning of squaring, cotton crops are more susceptible to adverse conditions. Climate, disease, pests, and physical damage can all lead to setbacks that impact the ability of the plant to reach its yield potential.

Strong early development is key in combatting the effects of these impacts. A strong healthy plant, in particular the root system, provides the crop with an improved ability to withstand the effects of tough growing conditions.

Efficient, effective nutrient supply is one of the keys to achieving resilient, robust and uniform crops.

Our current weather conditions, being cool and wet, provide several challenges to young cotton crops. These conditions foster disease, and limit growth. This can lead not only to yield loss eventually, but also to a lack of uniformity in the crop, which provides additional management challenges during the life of the crop.

Healthier Plants, Higher Yields, Higher Returns

To ensure that Stoller solutions for cotton increase quality, quantity and return on investment of your cotton crop, we have undertaken numerous in-field trials with proven results.

Out in the field, our goal is to help cotton plants to establish quickly and strongly and to develop efficient and large vigorous root systems for optimal uptake of nutrients and water leading to increased yields.

Stoller Australia has a full range of products for cotton – from planting through to fruiting – to promote healthy root and top growth, strong flowering and fruit set as well as increase yields.

Foli Zyme

Multi nutrient supply and co factors for healthy plant development, and dealing with crop setbacks (waterlogging, cold temps)

Bio Forge

Dealing with crop setbacks (waterlogging, cold temps, drift, physical damage) usually in conjunction with Foli Zyme

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