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Pollination & Fruit Set

Power your pollination and fruit set

Pollination and fruit set can be affected by a whole range of factors including day and night time temperatures, extreme weather events and nutrition.

Stoller’s SETT Enhanced supplies nutrients critical for optimising pollination, fruit set and fruit retention. The combination of calcium and boron in Stoller’s SETT Enhanced is essential for optimum pollination whilst maintaining flower health. It works by enhancing auxin production, an important hormone for pollination and fruit development, and can help increase yields during tough winter conditions. It should be an integral part of any good pollination program.

Stoller’s patented polyamine formulation ensures it is safe to apply when both flowers and fruits are present.
Stoller’s SETT Enhanced has been trialled on a variety of different multi-fruiting crops and is a preferred option for tomato, capsicum and cucumber crops as well as vines, tree crops like citrus, berries and even cereals.

Another key to pollination is Stoller’s Flower Power, which includes zinc, boron and other micronutrients that optimise pollination, improving fruit set and crop yield.

Talk to your Stoller representative or local dealer today to find out how Stoller’s SETT Enhanced or Stoller’s Flower Power will work best in your optimum pollination and fruit set strategy.

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