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Prepare your trees and vines for the dormancy break

Huge amounts of both macronutrients and trace elements are removed from the system when tree and vine crops are harvested. These nutrients need to be replaced to make sure crops have the stores they need to maximise production in the next season.

Tree and vine crops normally have a root flush after harvest – it’s the plant’s natural way of feeding itself before dormancy. When dormancy breaks in spring, demand for nutrients to support new root and shoot growth is extremely high. This demand can’t be met by root uptake alone and plants need to rely on their nutrient reserves. Studies in grapevines have shown that up to half of the nitrogen and phosphorus in the new season’s canopy comes from stored reserves. It is important to get those vital nutrients into trees and vines before they shut down for winter.

Stoller Australia’s post harvest hibernation options are designed to rebuild plant’s nutrient banks and accelerate the movement of carbohydrates and other reserves back to roots and woody tissues.

A good post harvest strategy needs to supply nutrients to flower buds and the root zone as well as replenish the plant’s stores. It lays the foundation for the next season by accelerating the movement of carbohydrates and nutrient to roots and woody storage tissues. This means stronger and healthier buds that are ready for budburst and flowering in spring.

Stoller Australia offers a full range of hibernation options for soil and foliar application. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium helps rebuild nutrient banks, condition the soil and displace undesirable salts. Trace elements like zinc are used in protein synthesis, carbohydrate metabolism and root development and manganese, magnesium and boron help promote flowering, pollination and shoot development.

There are three application options for Stoller Australia’s hibernation products.






Foliar Treatment

N 15,K 3,Ca 4 w/v% + TE + Co-Factors

Zn 3.6, Mn 3.6, Mg 3.6, S 5.0 w/v%

Approx. 2-4 weeks after harvest, can be tank mixed with most common insecticides and fungicides.
Application before any leaf drop would be beneficial.

5 L/ha

3 L/ha

Apply before leaf drop. Plant nutrients required for strong wood and bud tissue development.

Soil Treatment

N 3, P 15 ,K 2.5 + TE w/v%

Post Harvest 23
N 23, Ca 6, Mg 2 w/v%

Application directly after harvest is desired. Nutri-pHLow followed by Post Harvest 23 is the preferred sequence to support root growth.

10-20 L/ha

40 L/ha

Support the natural root flush after harvest.

Hibernation Treatment

Sugar Mover B 10, Mo 0.13 w/v% + Co-Factors

Zn 3.6, Mn 3.6, Mg 3.6, S 5.0 w/v%

2-4 weeks after harvest, can be tank mixed with most common insecticides and fungicides.

1.5-2 L/ha

3 L/ha

Assists in carbohydrate movement into the buds, roots and woody tissue.
To control vegetative growth use higher rate.

Note: Post Harvest 23 and Nutri-pHLow must be applied separately through the drip or banded in the weedicide strip.