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Anthony Lam

Lamato Farms
Crop: Tomatoes
“We spray Stoller’s SETT Enhanced on our tomatoes every two weeks! Gold!”

Melina Mueller

Crop: Almonds

“We use the complete SIS on our almonds, including Bio-Forge, Bio-HOLD, Budfeed Plus, Rootfeed, and Sugar Mover to name a few. We find it improves number of buds, kernel weight, and overall yield.

We get some extreme weather conditions here, from 40 degree weather in summer to frost in winter, and Stoller products can help our crops to withstand stress conditions far better than they could before. After stress events there’s more even growth, increased nut retention, and increased nut size.

Stoller products help to maximise our crop’s health, with a huge range of benefits. But the bottom line is that maximising our crop’s health means a huge return on investment for us, which is what keeps us coming back!”


Crop: Table grapes.

“Stoller products have been so good at correcting iron deficiencies on my problem patches that I now use them on the whole vineyard…”


Crop: Wine Grapes.

“I use Stoller products, including Bio-Forge, as its application increases the resilience of vines to adapt to changing climatic conditions. Year after year, we see the amazing recovery and impact these products have on vine canopy health, quality and consistent yield.

“Stoller offer superior products that assist in consistently producing optimum fruit quality. A worthwhile investment!”


Crop: Forage Sorghum

“Treating the seeds with Bio-Forge produced a taller, greener and denser crop.”



“As a second generation farmer with over 10 years’ experience owning and operating our protected cropping farm, I have tried and tested loads and loads of different fertilizers and products over the years in our production of many different horticultural crops.

“In recent years I’ve started working closely with Stoller representatives on the Northern Adelaide Plains to perfect my plant nutrition/fertilizer program, testing and trialing several Stoller products to increase fruit production and overall plant health, achieving amazing results and benefits in the process.

“Now a large majority of my farm’s fertilizer inputs are Stoller products based on great advice from Stoller’s reps. In my opinion, Stoller has some of the highest quality products available in the market and as such, I will continue to use and trust in these products.”


Crop: Wine Grapes.

“I used Stoller products including Bio-Forge, Foli-Zyme and Budfeed Plus as part of a recovery program after a devastating hail storm hit my area in 2014. The results & improvement in my vineyards over the last 4 years have been outstanding.

“Stoller’s Budfeed Plus has proven great results on my Cabernet and I am looking forward to a further improvement in quality and yield in the coming harvest. Stoller products are now an important part of my nutritional program.”


Crop: Sorghum, Cotton, Wheat, Barley, Mung Beans and Chickpeas

“Using ClearStart has cut our operating times down – that saves money and time. At the rates we use, Stoller’s liquids are as cost effective as traditional starters.  Roots look healthier where we’ve used ClearStart, they’re not chasing fertiliser as much as they used to.”


Grower Testimonial Image - Cabbage


Crop: Cabbage

“Using Stoller products as part of my regular fertiliser program has improved growth, fruit shape and size and produces healthier, happier plants.”

Paul Fleming

Crop: Soybeans

“We have used Stoller products with good success for many soybean seasons. Some of the benefits include improved vegetative growth, nodulation, yield and quality. Stoller products are an important part of our crop management program.”


John Manera and Dave Shaxson

Crop: Macadamia

“We’ve been committed to Stoller Solutions for macadamia trees for four years now.  We have never seen such strong root growth and flowering is going well.

“Products like RootFeed, Flower Power and SETT/CaB have really increased our crop potential!”

Apple Grower

Lou Gianetti

Crop: Apple

“Very happy with BudFeed Plus and Flower Power.”

Bruce Shaw

“With increasing incidence of dry starts in Harrismith (<10mm rain events) we find the addition of Stoller’s SIS program provides available nutrition close to the seed. This enables the crop to get what it needs from the start rather than six weeks down the track.

“We find the crops are healthier and more resistant to pests and develop larger, healthier roots with a more balanced plant architecture.”

Andrew Knight

Buccleuch, South Australia, wheat crop

“Stoller products work on my crop and I am happy with results.  Micromix is compatible with the herbicides I use and does a great job.  I get good yields and can recommend Stoller for their knowledge when it comes to broadacre cropping.”

Darryl Quabba

“I’ve been using Stollers products for 4 years now. Over this time I have seen tremendous results on my farm. I really appreciate the service from the local TMs. They are always available to provide advice.”

Thomas Dolphin

Crop: Wheat, Barley, Canola, Beans

“My family and I use Stoller Micromix on our broadacre crops and find it generates great results. The root system on our crops are much stronger, which means the crop is healthier and leads to a higher yield.

“We really enjoy working with the Stoller team as they’re very friendly and always available to provide technical support with their knowledge of plants and soil.”