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Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a customer orientated agricultural company that offers exceptional value to people through shared knowledge, continued innovation and integrity.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to six core values:

  • People: Respecting and honouring Stoller stakeholders; Customers, Shareholders and Staff
  • Integrity: Living according to Stoller core values
  • Innovation: Continuously pursuing new services, products and processes
  • Customer: Striving to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing the best solutions
  • Knowledge: Pursuing and sharing information to create value
  • Excellence: Achieving the highest consistent quality and performance

Stoller employ skilled representatives that work nationwide with growers, agronomists, and distributors. We share our detailed knowledge to assist growers maximise yield potential. Our team of field specialists work every day to bring out the best in our nature, activate its potential and stimulate its growth. This is evident in the quality of our customers crops.

In 2021 Stoller Australia was certified by GPTW® Australia, as a “Great Place to Work” receiving certification of being a workplace that creates, sustains, and recognises high-trust and high performance culture in the workplace. Stoller has a variety of career paths for passionate plant enthusiasts. Our team is made up of skilled agronomists, agricultural technicians and field representatives, R&D officers, customer service specialists, production experts, marketing and corporate service professionals.

That’s why growers, agronomists and distributers choose us, we are industry leaders. To be the best we surround ourselves with the best team. If you share our values and want to be part of our team you can visit our current vacancies or submit your application to or complete the form below.

“Stoller not only empowers plants, but also empowers
its people which is evident when you are surrounded
by the people at Stoller. Being employed by Stoller
has given me the opportunity to practically apply my
Agricultural Science degree while giving me the ability
to learn more about the industry and get into the field
regularly. Stoller has diversified my knowledge giving
me exposure to over 75+ crops, including horticulture,
broadacre and viticulture, in Australia alone.”
Natasha Hallett – Technical Officer
(R&D Extension)


Current Vacancies

Please click here to view our current vacancies.


What we offer:

  • Modern Head Office located North of Adelaide CBD
  • In house specialist product training
  • Splendour membership providing savings and cash back offers to over 300 retailers in Australia
  • Access to resources within the Stoller Global Network
  • Individualised training and coaching
  • Specialist trades labour training
  • WHS training
  • Team building and social events throughout the year
  • Corporate health insurance plans
  • A supportive customer and people centric Leadership Team
  • Leadership development provided by third party providers
  • Annual National Team meeting bringing all teams across Australia together in the one central location

Graduate program – Stoller is proud to offer a specialised graduate program for Agronomy students where you can develop your skills with knowledgeable mentors.  We encourage graduates to develop relationships within the industry and broaden their contacts, while also focusing on their organisational skills and giving insight into understanding client responsibility.  Your imagination, open-mindedness and passion will help continue to build a better Stoller and help our partners build better crops/ farms.

At Stoller Australia, we will provide you with the tools, learning, flexibility, and diversity in culture that you will need as you become a truly exceptional specialist in your area.  Stoller will support you to develop your skills and speciality alongside some exceptionally talented people.

Please contact us via the form below to enquire about graduate opportunities.

Great Place to Work Certified

In 2021 and in 2022 Stoller Australia has been certified by GPTW Australia, as a ‘Great Place to Work’. Receiving this certification affirms that we are a workplace that creates, sustains and recognises High-Trust, High-Performance Culture in the workplace. Stoller has a variety of career paths for passionate plant enthusiasts! Our team is made up of skilled agronomists, agricultural technicians, agricultural field representatives, R&D officers, customer service specialists, marketing professionals, administrative and financial professionals, HR professionals, production experts and many more! At Stoller we are exited about what we do and we think you will be too!

If you are interested in working for a values based, safety and performance driven organisation, please contact us for a confidential discussion.