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Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid fertilizers containing essential nutrients will ensure your crops reach their full potential

There are two sources of fertilizer; organic and non-organic. An organic fertilizer has limited sourcing options and cannot include artificial chemicals, a non-organic fertilizer is not restricted and can be created to meet the nutrient needs of crops.

A well formulated liquid fertilizer can exponentially increase the productivity of your crop when used in conjunction with other essential elements. Liquid fertilizers can help a plant function at its optimum so that it can produce high yields. A balanced liquid nutrient program can enable the best crop yield outcome.

Stoller liquid fertilizers and nutrients deliver proven results within broadacre, tree, vine, field and greenhouse crops in various Australian climates and stress conditions.

Stoller’s liquid fertilizers can be applied in the following ways:

  • As a seed coat.
  • Banded in furrow.
  • Fertigated through irrigation systems.
  • Applied as a foliar above ground plant parts.

Stoller is a leading, customer-oriented, liquid fertilizer company that creates exceptional value for growers through innovation and knowledge.

Stoller is committed to researching and developing the most effective liquid fertilizers and speciality products that provide growers with various solutions to create economic outcomes. Backed by extensive research from trials conducted throughout Australia and globally, Stoller products are proven to increase yield, quality, and profit.

Domenic Cavallaro leads Stoller Australia’s technical team undertaking trials throughout the country to examine the way that Stoller products effect different crops in a range of climates and situations.

“It is important to have a balanced nutrition program throughout a crop’s growing cycle, but nutrition is particularly important at the start of a new season. Fertilizer efficiency has a big effect on your bottom line and you need to know that your inputs are cost-effective and will deliver consistent results.”

Products like Stoller’s RootFeed, when used in conjunction with a specific program, will cultivate a continuous growth and develop a stronger, healthier crop. When RootFeed is incorporated into a program it improves the root system of the crop. A larger, stronger root system helps a crop combat stress and supplies essential nutrients and co-factors directly to the roots of the plant to produce high quality, marketable yields.

Stoller has developed a range of programs that incorporate products like RootFeed and are designed to help plants achieve optimal growth, even when they encounter stress events. Our specialised fertilizer products and programs focus on key nutrient timings designed to enhance plant performance at every stage of growth. Programs help plants establish and build strong root systems, resist and recover from stress, fruit consistently and avoid losses.

Find out about Stoller’s range of liquid fertilizers, specialty products and programs today and ensure that you give your crops the nutrition they need to reach their full potential. For more information Stoller Australia on 1800 337 845 or