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Cotton Planting & Establishment

Stoller Australia have rigorously tested a range of products that support cotton crops throughout the season.

When you are planting your cotton crop there are many things you need to consider.

Objectives during planting window:

  • Assist cotton plants to establish quickly and strongly.
  • Develop efficient and deep root systems for optimal uptake of nutrients and water.
  • Build a large, robust root system right from planting to increase access to nutrients and moisture, balance plant.

When wet weather limits ground prep and MAP application, Stoller can help with products containing phosphorus calcium and zinc.

Action 10

Highly available calcium builds strong cells and promotes healthy growth. A strong and healthy root systems improves shoot growth, photosynthesis and the hormone balance in crops, helping to maximise yield and productivity.

ClearStart 22KZ

Promotes vigorous and early root growth leading to bigger and healthier root systems. A bigger root system helps crops to access more nutrients and water and make better use of all fertilisers applied.