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Action 10


A strong, resilient root system is essential for overcoming stress conditions in any crop. Furthermore, a robust root system leads to greater leaf development, providing strength and hormone balance throughout the plant’s entire system. The stronger the root structure of a plant, the greater its capacity to access and utilise vital nutrients and water. A strong root structure also helps a plant to withstand harmful environmental effects.

Action 10, used as part of a good nutritional program, provides an extra boost for building roots, thereby helping the plant overcome stress.

Action 10 contains highly available calcium which builds strong cells and promotes healthy growth.

Calcium is the building block for cell walls in new tissue. It makes strong cells and this will assist in higher marketable yield and better fruit shelf life. Adequate calcium levels also enable a plant to cope under stress, enhancing the potential for optimal fruit development and quality despite challenging conditions.

Stoller has a range of high quality calcium products to suit various crops and conditions.

  • Aid root growth.
  • Improve root rhizosphere.
  • Maintain normal root tip establishment and seedling vigour.
  • Stronger plant establishment.
  • Build strong cells and promote healthy growth.
  • Crops are less susceptible to pests, disease and other physical failures.
  • Stronger plant establishment with improved uniformity.
  • Maximises yield potential and increases profits.