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Stress Programs

Support your crop to overcome stress

Stoller Australia’s stress products are specifically designed to help crops recover from stress. Crops can experience a range of stress events, including herbicide applications, frost, hail, excessive heat, and wind. Even without extreme events, stress products can help to maintain normal growth.

Our offering centres around three of Stoller’s specialty products – Bio-Forge, WL Zinc Chelate and Foli-Zyme. Stoller’s Bio-Forge contains a unique combination of key nutrients to give crops the boost they need to recover from stress and initiate new vegetative and root growth. Applying Stoller’s Bio-Forge and WL Zinc Chelate before a stress event or immediately after will help to maintain or restore normal growth patterns.

Research has shown that zinc can help crops tolerate environmental stress . It is also critical for the production of auxin, a plant hormone that is essential for growth and development of plants. Use Stoller’s Bio-Forge in combination with Stoller’s WL Zinc Chelate – a highly-efficient and readily-absorbed form of zinc – to help speed recovery from stress and promote healthy growth and development. This phenolic acid chelate is made using a specific process that is unique to the Stoller range and is designed for peak performance in soil or foliar application. Apply Stoller’s Bio-Forge and WL Zinc Chelate prior to or directly after a stress event to maintain or restore normal growth.

Follow up with Stoller’s Foli-Zyme, a complete nutrient mix with Stoller’s co-factors, to maintain recovery from stress, feed new growth and promote healthy tissue development as part of any normal program.







Stoller’s Bio-Forge

Diformyl Urea N 2.5% K 3%
with Co and Mo

1.2 L/ha

Applied immediately after stress
event with Zinc to provide a key feed
for renewed growth.

Stoller’s WL Zinc Chelate

Zn 11% S 5%

2 L/ha

With Bio-Forge to assist in regrowth.


Stoller’s Foli-Zyme

N 15% K 3% Ca 4% with full range of trace elements

5 L/ha

Applied 4–5 days after Bio-Forge
to feed new growth and promote
normal healthy growth.

Get your crops back on track with Stoller’s Foli-Zyme, Bio-Forge and WL Zinc Chelate.

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