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During production, high levels of nutrients are removed from macadamia trees and these nutrients need to be replaced post-harvest. It’s important that nutrients are applied to ensure that nutrient reserves are returned to the roots and storage tissues, ready for healthy new season growth. After harvest there will normally be a flush of new root growth,

which is part of the natural process to prepare the tree for the new season. Replenishing nutrients post-harvest will help to support root growth and lay the foundation for the upcoming season ahead.

When the nutrient reserves in trees are not replaced, the result can be:

  • Increased numbers of inactive buds
  • Lower amounts of healthy roots and shoots
  • Uneven flowering and weak flowers which leads to;
  • Reduced yield, quality, and profit

Stoller General Manager David Cavallaro says a post-harvest program needs to supply nutrients to flower buds and the root zone as well as replenish the plant’s storage tissue.

“A good post-harvest program lays the foundation for the next season by accelerating the movement of carbohydrates and nutrient to roots and reproductive tissue” he said.  This means stronger and healthier buds that are ready for flowering.”.

What do you need to consider as part of your post-harvest program?

Supplying nutrients to your flower buds

Trees are often in a state of stress after harvest and their root system may not be transporting nutrients as efficiently as possible around the plant. Applying highly mobile nutrients like nitrogen and calcium to the tree will make sure that the nutrients hit the target area and can spread throughout the plant.

Returning energy supplies back to the storage tissue

Consider treating trees to accelerate the movement of carbohydrates and nutrient reserves back to the roots and woody tissue, and to give strength to the buds that will drive next year’s production. Stoller’s Sugar Mover is specifically designed with this in mind.

Stoller’s Post Harvest solutions can improve:

  • Healthy spring growth of roots and shoots
  • Even growth
  • Overall yield

Flowering in the new season.

Optimising flowering is critical, to maximise your yield potential, targeting nutrients that help flowering is critical to increase yield and profit. Stoller’s integrated solution for Macadamias, has proven to be beneficial in this opportunity. This program optimises the availability of Zinc, Boron and Calcium which is essential to increase nut set, size and returns. Stollers new technology Bio-Hold is also with in this solution and has exciting nutritional benefits which increase the growers returns.

Improve your crops yield, quality, and profit with Stoller’s post-harvest and Flowering solutions.

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