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Stoller are featured in the June/July edition of Australian Tree Crop Magazine.  Our article about recent trials of Bio-HOLD, have shown favourable results on a variety of tree crops including avocado, mango and almond trees.

See the article below:

Stoller’s new product Bio-HOLD tackles the big problem of Fruit Drop in Tree Crops.

The Big Problem: Fruit Drop (irregular bearing)

Fruit Drop (irregular bearing) is the premature shedding of unripe fruit and occurs in all tree crops.  There are many reasons for fruit drop including poor pollination and stress. Fruit drop can cause inconsistent yields and creates issues throughout the whole supply chain, it impacts the grower’s bottom line and causes financial losses.

Fruit Drop has been identified as a major issue in the Australian Avocado industry. In a recent survey completed by the Department of Agriculture:

  • 75% of avocado farms displayed varying levels of irregular bearing.
  • 25% displayed varying levels of alternative bearing.


Stoller Australia’s Technical Manager, Domenic Cavallaro has conducted various trials of a new product, Bio-HOLD, that improves fruit and nut retention and increases marketable yield in tree crops.

With favourable results from trials on almond, avocado and mango trees, Bio-HOLD is proving itself to target the big problem of fruit drop while increasing fruit and nut per tree.

“We are really excited about this product.  The results we have seen working with Bio-HOLD on avocado, almond and mango crops have been very positive.” – Domenic Cavallaro, Technical Manager, Stoller Australia

A Summary of Bio-HOLD trial Results

Bio-HOLD on Almonds*

  • Early applications at pink bud to 5% flower and 80 -100% flower is effective at increasing nut numbers.
  • Later application at 80 -100% flower and shuckfall can increase nut weight.
  • Nutrients in Bio-HOLD support the crop during poor weather conditions (rainfall and low temperatures).

Bio-HOLD on Avocado*

  • Bio-HOLD applications resulted in 69% more fruit setting over the control.
  • Tree health maintained.
  • Difference of 600kg /ha or 8.9% more fruit.

Bio-HOLD on Mango*

  • Number of fruit per tree increased between 14 – 18%.
  • Fruit weight per tree increased.
  • Total marketable fruit yield per tree increased between 19 – 23%.

Promote early fruit and nut sizing, improve retention and increase marketable yield with Bio-HOLD.

  • Bio-HOLD is a patented liquid fertiliser formulated with macro and micronutrients.
  • Supports carbohydrate movement to developing fruit.
  • Increases strength of late flowers.
  • Increases fruit and seed size.
  • Supports fruit/nut retention and nutrition.
  • Improves fruit/nut set and weight.
  • Increases fruit/nut per tree.

We Are Stoller

Stoller is a global company celebrating 50 years throughout the world and 25 years in Australia.  Stoller are over 1000 agricultural professionals throughout the world and our mission is to cultivate a customer orientated agricultural company that offers exceptional value to growers through shared knowledge, continued innovation and integrity.

Stoller products are based on an in-depth knowledge of Plant Physiology, nutrient interaction and practical applications to increase quality and yield in a variety of crops.  Stoller are committed to researching:

  • How to maintain healthy crops and micronutrient levels throughout the growth cycle of the plant.
  • Establishing healthier plants, more prepared to deal with the effects of stress under a variety conditions.

Our Australian team undertake trials and demonstrations throughout the country to deeply understand the way our products impact plant potential in a variety of conditions.  Stoller employ skilled representatives that work nationwide with growers, agronomists and distributors.

Our team are dedicated to understanding how crops respond to Australian environments and this allows us to constantly innovate and develop our knowledge.  Stoller assist growers to maximise yield potential.

Stoller products contain innovative proprietary technology that is proven to ensure optimum plant development. In combination with proper nutrition and good farming practices, the result is enhanced marketable yield and significant return-on-investment.

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