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In memory of Jerry Stoller


October 1, 1935 – June 19, 2019

We celebrate the life and legacy of our founder, Jerry H. Stoller who passed away peacefully on June 19, 2019. Jerry Stoller will be remembered as an entrepreneur and a revolutionary pioneer in plant physiology, plant nutrition, and plant hormone technology. He dedicated his life to finding ways to help good things grow.

From his roots growing up on a farm to his days studying agronomy at the University of Illinois and Cornell, he was always energized and fascinated by the concepts of productivity and quality required to produce good outcomes.

In 1970, Jerry founded Stoller USA, Inc. as a company that could help farmers do a better job at growing crops. The revolutionary approach produced from this research took the guesswork out of maintaining healthy crops through the management of plant hormone levels and micronutrients throughout the plant growth cycle, maintaining optimum hormone balance. Through this process, maximum genetic expression is achieved, resulting in healthier plants better able to withstand the effects of stress under various conditions.

Jerry was able to revolutionize the agricultural industry, allowing people from all walks of life to better provide sustenance for their families. Jerry’s passion for encouraging healthy crops around the world led to international growth for his company. The Stoller Group currently employs over 1000 people and provides its products and services to over 60 countries. Mr. Stoller served as Chairman of the Board of Stoller USA Inc. and The Stoller Group Inc. The Stoller Group and its worldwide subsidiaries will continue Jerry’s legacy.

Mr. Stoller created the Stoller Foundation in 2006.  The Stoller Foundation incubates and accelerates non-profits that are focused on evangelism and volunteerism.  Jerry’s vision for the Stoller Foundation was that it would be a needed catalyst to recruit the fishers of men to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission.  Jerry believed the Stoller Foundation’s calling is not just to enrich good programs or ministries, but rather “to grow and nurture a generation of believers who are willing to get their hands dirty to serve others and the Kingdom of God”.

Jerry is remembered for dedicating his life to be a benefit to his fellow mankind through his efforts to help the world understand “the language of plants” which continues to help feed people around the world and his passion for helping others through the legacy he left with the Stoller Foundation.  Thank you Jerry!

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