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Nitrate Balancer


Nitrate Balancer is a convenient effective alternative to soluble boron with the added benefit of molybdenum to promote conversion of nitrate nitrogen into a more metabolically functional form.

Because boron is not mobile within the plant, a continuous supply to all growing points is required from early growth to maturity.

The unique complexing agents in Nitrate Balancer allow for application directly to the foliage. A foliar application of boron is more efficient than a soil application because it inhibits the formation of complex soil borates.

Nitrate Balancer is rapidly absorbed by the foliage and utilised by the plant for the complete, effective maintenance of boron levels in plant tissue.

BENEFITS OF Nitrate Balancer
  • Improves auxin metabolism for growth.
  • Improves sugar metabolism and transport.
  • Optimum fruit quality and yield.
  • Easy on plants - no residues.