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NEROTM is a fully organic bio-stimulant product that when used in conjunction with calcium can initiate strong root growth, improve establishment and pollination.

A strong, resilient root system is essential for overcoming stress conditions in any crop. Furthermore, a robust root system leads to greater leaf development, providing strength and hormone balance throughout the plant’s entire system. The stronger the root structure of a plant, the greater its capacity to access and utilise vital nutrients and water. A strong root structure also helps a plant to withstand harmful environmental effects.

NEROTM, used as part of a good nutritional program, provides an extra boost for building roots, thereby helping the plant overcome stress.

  • Aids root growth
  • Improves root rhizosphere.
  • Maintain normal root tip establishment and seedling vigour.
  • Stronger plant establishment.
  • Build strong cells and promote healthy growth.
  • Crops are less susceptible to pests, disease and other physical failures.
  • Stronger plant establishment with improved uniformity.
  • Maximises yield potential and increases profits.