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FruitfiK is a source of nitrogen and potassium which assists the plant by rejuvenating and enhancing the root system during the fruiting and ripening phases, when the plants have a greater capacity to fill the fruits.  This in turn produces quality produce in the form of consistency (hardness) and ºBrix.
FruitfiK can also reactivate root renewal when it is naturally decreased when the root system is aging thus extending the crops productive potential.



  • Beneficio StollerAvailable Potassium for fruit development and fill
  • Beneficio StollerSupports cell expansion and integrity in developing fruit, seeds and storage tissues
  • Beneficio StollerCan assist with sugar/baume levels in grapes
  • Beneficio StollerIncreases specific gravity of potato tubers
  • Beneficio StollerSupport cell expansion and integrity in the developing fruit and has been shown to aid in fruit size, quality and shelf life of high value food crops