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Cropping Zinc


Cropping Zinc is a highly efficient, readily available chelated nutrient that will support your crop in producing greater yields, from seedling to top up applications, mid-season through irrigation and foliar sprays.

Stoller’s Cropping Zinc Chelate is also highly efficient at correcting crop deficiencies quickly and efficiently and is ideal for a maintenance application before deficiencies appear.

Chelating agents such as phenolic acid chelate hold onto trace elements and stop them from binding to other elements. The end result is called a chelate.

Backed by 50 years of research and field testing Stoller’s unique chelating technology enhances nutrient uptake, with a lower pH. The proven efficiency of Stoller’s own phenolic acid chelate ensures efficient absorption by plant roots, leaves and tissue with wide compatibility.

Cropping Zinc Chelate is compatible with a wide range of crops.

BENEFITS OF Cropping Zinc
  • Starts working straight away.
  • Widely compatible with nutrients and fungicides.
  • Foliar, soil, or seed applications.