Putting Liquid Fertilisers to the test.

Stoller Australia rigorously tests all of their products. Trials since 2009 clearly show the benefits of their Clearstart liquid fertiliser programs in Sugarcane.

Stoller’s sugarcane program was tested against regular granular fertiliser programs on a commercial cane farmer’s property for five years of replicated trials and four years of commercial trials. The effect of the program on cane establishment, cane yield and sugar yield were measured and the increase in income and return on investment was calculated.

The liquid fertiliser program performed extremely well under a variety of weather conditions, consistently producing higher yields of cane and sugar than granular fertiliser programs.

The Results of Stoller Programs.

Key Application Times

There are two key application times in the Stoller Australia program— at planting and after harvest— both aim to enhance crop vigour when the crop needs it most.


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Further Information

“We’ve seen around a 10% increase in productivity with the Stoller program and that’s been continuing every year now for about five years.”

John Werner Mackay Canegrower

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