Feeding the brains of the plant


Why is root growth so important?

Crop production is compromised by stress. Unfavourable weather conditions, pests and diseases, soil type and fertility as well as general agronomic practices can all deplete cropping potential.

Healthy and balanced growth is essential to making plants more resistant to stress, thereby optimising yield and quality.

Roots serve as the ‘brains’ of the plants operation, controlling both nutrient uptake and hormonal balance. Ensuring hormone balance is critical to both healthy growth and the crop’s ability to withstand stress and achieve higher yields.

Every 7-14 days the root cap cells are shed, and must be replaced by new cells. Without this replacement process, there will be fewer roots and root tips to absorb essential nutrients, synthesise plant hormones and control plant growth. Rootfeed can be the answer to optimising and maintaining vigorous new root growth and subsequently a strong, healthy crop. 

Key features of Rootfeed

  • Contains essential nutrients for healthy growth
  • Is formulated with Stoller’s proprietary mix of natural co-factors
  • Is a soil based treatment
  • Reduces the impact of stress and restore strong healthy plant growth

Key benefits of using Rootfeed

Stoller’s RootFeed ensures your crop maintains continuous root growth and replacement of root caps throughout the growing season and post-harvest period. RootFeed can help plants develop a stronger root system leading to a greater tolerance to stress as well as improved plant balance and health.

Other benefits of RootFeed include:

  • Supplies essential nutrients and co-factors directly to the roots to produce high quality marketable yields.
  • Supplies a highly soluble form of calcium which is the signal for over 600 biological processes including photosynthesis and plant sugar transport.
  • The nutrients provided by RootFeed can be substituted for alternative nitrogen and calcium sources and the grower’s normal program can be adjusted accordingly.








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