Super start with Stoller Australia’s seed treatments

Getting broadacre winter crops like cereals, oilseeds and legumes off to a good start is critical to achieving yield potential. One of the biggest factors limiting crop growth and yield is nutrition. Plants only need small amounts of trace elements, but they have a huge influence on plant growth and productivity. Trace elements are important for promoting healthy root growth and also support major plant processes like photosynthesis. Trace elements also help plants use macronutrients like nitrogen more effectively – even if high levels of nitrogen are applied, it can’t be utilised well without a good balance of trace elements.

Trace elements can often become tied up in the soil and unavailable to plants. Trace element deficiencies are often difficult to diagnose unless tested and often yield potential is already lost once symptoms appear in the crop. Right from day one you need fertilisers that are plant-available and cost-effective. Stoller Australia has full range of chelated trace elements that are made using a specific process unique to Stoller, including Stoller’s WL Zinc Chelate – a phenolic acid chelate that is proven worldwide. Like all of Stoller Australia’s chelated trace elements, Stoller’s WL Zinc Chelate is highly efficient, readily absorbed by plants and remains available in the soil. The free-flowing liquid solution penetrates the seed coat, rather than sitting on the surface – there’s no dust and it won’t get tied up in the soil. Trace elements are where plants need them, when they need them and because more trace elements get to your crop, you can apply less.

The Stoller range of chelated trace elements is suitable for seed, soil and foliar application and can be easily applied using liquid injection in-furrow systems.

Stoller Australia’s seed treatment products for winter crops also include Stoller’s Bio-Forge – a unique combination of key nutrients that can help crops emerge quicker and improve early plant growth, root development, nutrient uptake and stress tolerance. Seed treatment with Stoller’s Bio-Forge helps increase crop vigour and maximise yield potential. Healthy and more vigorous crops means you can apply herbicides earlier to tackle those hard to kill weeds.

Don’t waste money on trace elements that your plants can’t access. Get ahead of the rest with Stoller’s seed treatment products.

Stoller’s chelated trace elements are highly compatible with tank mixes. Apply when cleaning or pickling, at sowing or at harvest if seed is to be stored.

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