Micronutrients – maximise this year’s crop and the next

Plants only need micronutrients (also known as trace elements) in small amounts, but they have a huge impact on crop health, growth and productivity. No matter what the crop, balanced nutrition is essential for maximising yield potential and returns in this season, as well as harvesting seed that will give your crop a head start for next season.

According to recent GRDC-funded research, larger seeds with a high nutrient content, particularly zinc (Zn) and manganese (Mn), will germinate better and produce more vigorous seedlings with stronger root systems. Mn and Zn also play a role in crop’s defence systems. If seedlings are deficient in Mn and Zn root growth will be restricted and they will be less resistant to diseases like Rhizoctonia.

Stoller’s Micromix Chelate contains zinc, manganese and copper and is one of Stoller’s highly efficient phenolic acid chelate products. The micronutrients are in a stable and water-soluble form meaning they are readily absorbed by plants and won’t get tied up in the soil.

Nutrients levels in seed can be boosted by foliar applications late in the crop before storage, or by seed dressing before seeding the next year.Dr Nigel Wilhelm, Science Leader, Farming Systems at SARDI said that misting the outside of the paddock with micronutrients is an effective way of priming the seed for next year’s crop and overcomes the clearance and trampling issues associated with late sprays.

Stoller Australia has a full selection of phenolic acid chelated micronutrients that can be used for seed, soil or foliar application. The range includes Stoller’s Zinc/Manganese Chelate, Cropping Zinc Chelate, Zinc Chelate, Manganese Chelate, ZM Squared (ZM2), ZM2+Iron, MX Special, Copper Chelate, Iron Chelate, Magnesium Chelate, Calcium Chelate and Potato Hort Mix.

Stoller’s phenolic acid chelate range is based on more than 40 years of lab and field research and has been proven countless times worldwide. Unlike some chelating agents, phenolic acid chelates form strong bonds with a full range of nutrients, making them highly compatible with tank mixes.

Stoller’s chelates help put micronutrients where plants need them, when they need them. That means more micronutrients get to your crop so you can apply less. Talk to your Stoller representative about how you can get maximum impact this season and next with Stoller’s chelated micronutrients.

Read more about identifying and addressing micronutrient deficiencies in GRDC’s Crop Nutrition fact sheet.