Stoller Magnesium Chelate- An essential element for healthy plant processes.

Stoller Magnesium Chelate is a highly efficient readily available chelated nutrient that will support your crop in producing greater yields, from seedling to top up applications mid-season through irrigation and foliar sprays.  Magnesium is a critical element for photosynthesis and helps the plants metabloic process. Magnesium also acts as a phosphorus carrier which is essential for plant growth and has an affect on root formation.

Chelating agents such as phenolic acid chelate hold onto trace elements and stop them from binding to other trace elements- the end result is called a chelate. For more information read our brochure on using chelates to increase element uptake.

Backed by 40 years of research and field testing Stoller's unique chelating technology enhances nutrient uptake, with lower pH. The proven efficiency of Stoller's own phenolic acid chelate ensures efficient absorption by plant roots, leaves and tissue with wide compatibility.

Magnesium Chelate is compatible with a wide range of crops from Field & Greenhouse, Tree and Vine and Broadacre.

Key Features of Stoller Magnesium Chelate

  • Fully chelated trace elements with Stoller Phenolic Acid
  • Easily taken in because of low energy needed to digest the nutrients
  • Highly available nutrients

Key Benifits

  • Starts working straight away
  • Widely compatible with nutrients and fungicides
  • Foliar, Soil, in furrow or seed applications

Application of Stoller Magnesium Chelate for seed treament & in furrow

Stoller Magnesium Chelate can safely be applied as an in furrow fertiliser with the use of traditional or advanced liquid injection systems. It is safe to use directly on the seed, ratoon or transplant. It is compatatible with a wide range of fungicides and insecticdes as well as other Stoller chelated nutrients.

Application of Stoller Magnesium Chelate through Fertigation Application (Soil)

Stoller Magnesium Chelate is safe to be applied in soil through all irrigation deleivery systems. Nutrients are available in the soil straight away for longer due to binding phenolic acid chelate.

Application of Stoller Magnesium Chelate as a Foliar Fertiliser

Stoller Magnesium Chelate can be safely applied to crop foliage with low volume aircraft, high volume sparay units or streaming in furrow or liquid fertiliser crop application. Magnesium Chelate is highly efficient and readily absorbed with Stoller's phenolic acid continuing to be readily available in the soil if the target foliage is missed.





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