In-furrow fertilisers are a great way to get your crop off to a good start

Good nutrition is essential to getting cereals, oilseeds and legumes off to the best possible start. Fertiliser efficiency has a big effect on your bottom line and you need to know that your fertiliser is cost-effective, proven and versatile. Stoller has a range of fertiliser products available including ClearStart which is perfect for in-furrow application.

Stoller Australia’s ClearStart products come in two formulations – Stoller’s ClearStart 22KZ and Stoller’s ClearStart 15KZ+N, which contains a slow release form of nitrogen. They both contain high levels of phosphorus in the phosphate form – a critical nutrient for establishing a healthy root system. They also contain potassium which helps to promote carbohydrates and protein, zinc for root growth, molybdenum which helps with nitrogen conversion and cobalt for stress relief and nodulation in legumes.

Wheat crop treated with Stoller’s ClearStart (left) compared to untreated wheat crop (right).

All the nutrients in Stoller’s ClearStart products are in solution and available to plants from day one. The nutrients are used efficiently by roots, root hairs and mycorrhizal fungi. This means increased uptake of phosphorus as well as other nutrients and an immediate response from your crop. Stoller's ClearStart products promote healthy root growth; fast, healthy and early top growth; and vigorous plant development.

How do Stoller's ClearStart products compare to competitor’s products?

Stoller’s ClearStart products are liquids manufactured with unique Stoller acid technology. The outstanding fertiliser efficiency of Stoller’s ClearStart range means application rates are lower than other phosphorus-based fertilisers.

FeaturesClearStart22KZClearStart 15KZ+NLiquid phosphorus productMAP Granular fertiliser
Contains N and P Y Y Y Y
Unique Stoller acid technology Y Y N N
Nutrients available from day one Y Y N N
Resists becoming locked up in the soil Y Y N N
Helps release nutrients locked up in the soil Y Y N N
Quicker establishment and early growth Y Y N N
Contains K to promote carbohydrates and protein Y Y Y N
Contains Zn for root growth Y Y Y N
Contains Mo (helps N conversion) and Co (helps nodulation and stress relief) Y Y N N
High fertiliser efficiency — less product needed to provide required nutrient levels Y Y N N
Efficient handling and application — less refills needed Y Y N N

Stoller’s ClearStart products can be applied in-furrow, directly to seed or as a foliar spray. This flexibility helps spread your risk over the season – you can apply initially in-furrow and then top up with a foliar application later in the season if needed.

If you decide not to plant winter crops or you’re planting summer crops as well, you need a fertiliser that gives you the flexibility you need to maximise your cropping opportunities.
The liquid formulation makes Stoller’s ClearStart products extremely easy to handle.

Stoller’s ClearStart products:
•    have an unlimited shelf life
•    can be stored on site
•    won’t settle out in the drum, shuttle or storage tank
•    require minimal agitation
•    won’t block nozzles.