Liquid fertilisers – efficiency adds up

When seeding of broadacre crops is finished, the focus shifts to maximising the crop’s yield potential. Fertiliser is a big investment and you want a fertiliser that is cost-effective – this means getting it to plants efficiently and giving you the flexibility you need to adapt to changing conditions.

Stoller ClearStart liquid fertiliser products promote healthy root growth, fast and healthy top growth and uniformity in crops. They can applied in-furrow or as a foliar spray to allow you to top up throughout the season when needed. The nutrients go straight onto crops which means you get an immediate response. You don’t have to wait for nutrients to mobilise in cold soils – they are active immediately.

Stoller’s Northern New South Wales Territory Manager Michael Wild has commented that there’s an added benefit to using Stoller’s liquid fertilisers which is harder to measure. The ease of handling and application can add up to significant savings.

“Spraying fertilisers is so much easier than spreading and that can make a real difference to your bottom line,” said Michael.

“You don’t need to worry about storage in the paddock, trucks or augers – all you need is the shuttle and a water source. That saves you time, which saves you money.”

“Stoller liquid fertilisers don’t settle out in the tank, won’t block nozzles and need minimal agitation. They also allow for flexibility due to their long shelf life. If it turns out you don’t need them this season, just store them on site in the shuttle.”

“Farmers using Stoller’s range of ClearStart products often find they can cover more hectares in a day because liquids are so much easier to work with compared traditional fertilisers.”  

Two formulations are available: Stoller’s ClearStart 22KZ and Stoller’s ClearStart 15KZ+N, which contains a slow release form of nitrogen as well as a beneficial form of calcium. Both formulations contain high levels of phosphorus in the phosphate form – a critical nutrient for a healthy root system – and complemented with a range of trace elements.  All Stoller liquid fertilisers are manufactured with unique Stoller technology. Nutrients are in solution, available to plants from day one and used efficiently by roots, root hairs and mycorrhizal fungi.

How do Stoller’s ClearStart products compare to competitor’s products?

Efficient uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients promote an immediate response from your crop, lower application rates and outstanding fertiliser efficiency compared to traditional MAP fertilisers.  

FeaturesStoller’s ClearStart 22KZStoller’s ClearStart 15KZ+NLiquid phosphorus productMAP Granular fertiliser
Contains N and P Y Y Y Y
Unique Stoller acid technology Y Y N N
Nutrients available from day one Y Y N N
Resists becoming locked up in soil Y Y N N
Helps release nutrients locked up in soil Y Y N N
Quicker establishment and early growth Y Y N N
Contains K to promote carbohydrates and protein Y Y Y N
Contains Zn for root growth Y Y Y N
Contains Mo (helps N conversion) and Co (helps nodulation and stress relief) Y Y N N
High fertiliser efficiency — less product needed to provide required nutrient levels Y Y N N
Efficient handling and application — less refills needed Y Y N N

While the ClearStart range is generally used as a replacement for MAP fertiliser, Stoller’s Foliar Plus and N-Phos Enhanced are also effective fertiliser options. Stoller’s Foliar Plus contains NPK as well as a range of micronutrients making it a good option when micronutrients may be limiting production. Stoller’s N-Phos Enhanced works well when the crop may be experiencing stress, such as poor root growth and water stress. Talk to your Stoller representative about which Stoller product is best for your specific situation.