Stoller Australia’s Strategies for Cotton.

Stoller Australia have a full range of products for cotton- from planting through to fruiting- to promote healthy root and top growth, strong flowering and fruit set as well as increasing yields.
Stoller Australia’s crop knowledge, unique technology and rigorous product testing is the foundation of Stoller Australia’s cotton program. Five key Stoller products- Stoller’s ClearStart 22KZ, Action 5, Bio-Forge, Cropping Zinc Chelate and N-Phos Enhanced. These products support cotton crops throughout the season, from starter fertiliser’s in-furrow, to foliar applications at the first fruiting branch and right through to boll maturation.


Quality Products, Quality Results

Stoller Australia’s products were tested in replicated trials conducted by Kalyx at Narrabi, NSW in the 2014-15 season. Stoller’s Action 5 & ClearStart 22KZ significantly increased boll numbers (Figure 1) and subsequent yield (Figure2) when applied in furrow at planting.

Key Application Times

Optimising fertiliser efficiency is critical to getting the most out of your fertiliser and your crop.
Stoller Australia’s quality liquid fertiliser range is proven under Australian conditions as well as worldwide.

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For more information please download the Strategies for Cotton brochure for an extensive Cotton product guide.





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