STOLLER'S ClearStart 22KZ

ClearStart 22KZ liquid fertiliser— fast, healthy plant development

Clearstart 22KKZ has immediate impact.

ClearStart 22KZ contains high levels of available phosphorus that will support your crop at any stage, from seeding to top ups mid season through irrigation or foliar sprays. 

Phosphorus is a critical nutrient for healthy root growth— helping your plants establish a healthy root system will pay off in yield and quality at harvest.

“Roots often look healthier where we’ve used ClearStart, they’re not chasing fertiliser as much as they used to” Jordan Von Pein, QLD 

Unique Stoller technology increases the availability of phosphorus so it is easily taken up by roots, root hairs and mycorrihizal fungi to support growth.

High fertiliser efficiency means lower application rates and lower application costs per hectare— all with increased performance. Potassium, nitrogen, zinc, cobalt, and molybdenum provide additional support for an all round liquid fertiliser with outstanding fertiliser efficiency.

See how ClearStart 22KZ comes out ahead against phosphorus liquid suspension and MAP granular fertiliser products.

“At the rates we use, Stoller’s Liquids are as cost effective as traditional starters”

Read more about the Von Pein’s experience with cutting costs and improving efficiency.

Key benefits of ClearStart 22KZ liquid fertiliser

  • Promotes fast, healthy, early growth and vigorous plant development
  • Provides phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, zinc, cobalt and molybdenum in available form
  • Clear liquid formulation means all nutrients are in solution
  • No settling out in tank
  • Unlimited shelf-life
  • Minimal agitation needed
  • No blocked nozzles
  • Apply directly to seed or foliage

ClearStart 22KZ is suitable for a wide range of crops, from horticulture and broadacre crops to fruit and tropical crops.

: Difference between a non Stoller treated crop [Left] and a crop applied with Stoller ClearStart 22KZ [Right] (May 2012 Virginia South Australia).



Above: Cereal Crop on the Right treated with ClearStart 22KZ shows a healthier root system than the non Stoller treated crop on the Left.

 Applying ClearStart 22KZ to seed

ClearStart 22KZ can be safely applied as an in furrow fertiliser with the use of traditional or advanced liquid injection systems. It is safe to use directly on the seed, ratoon or transplant. It is compatible with a wide range of fungicides and insecticides as well as other Stoller chelated nutrients.

Applying ClearStart 22KZ through foliar or irrigation

ClearStart 22KZ can be applied to foliage with low volume aircraft, high volume spray units or streaming liquid crop application. ClearStart 22KZ is a great phosphorus fertigation alternative and can be applied through sprinkler and drip irrigation system.

ClearStart 22KZ LABEL

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