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What are the benefits of a strong root structure?

The stronger the root structure of a plant, the greater it’s capacity to access and utilise vital nutrients and water, and to withstand harmful environmental effects. A strong resilient root system is essential for overcoming stress conditions in any crop. Furthermore, a robust root system leads to greater leaf development, providing strength and hormone balance throughout the plant’s entire system.

Root disease, such as Black Root Rot, and associated problems can cause substantial yield losses. Balanced, stronger plants can be less susceptible to pests, diseases and physical failure. Action 10 provides an extra boost for building roots, thereby helping the plant overcome stress from such factors as excessive heat, cold, drought, flooding, wind damage, insects and disease.

Key features of Action 10

  • A specially formulated blend of calcium with Stoller's co-factors, polysaccharides and refined seaweed
  • Water based treatment
  • In-furrow application, foliar application, or seed treatment

Key benefits of Action 10

  • Maintains normal root tip establishment and seedling vigour
  • Assists to maintain yields and maximise profits
  • Ensured stronger plant establishment
  • Build strong cells and promote healthy growth
  • Results in plants less susceptible to pests, disease and physical failures

Action 10 application

The flexibility of Action 10 allows for in-furrow application, foliar application, seed treatment or a combination of these. The water based liquid is suitable for use in the conventional liquid application systems.

In furrow

Best seedling establishment results have been achieved using Action 10 in-furrow at the time of seeding or planting. Action 10 should be applied at a rate of 1L per hectare.


For continued healthy root growth and plant integrity, apply Action 10 at regular intervals at a rate of 500mL-1L per hectare. Repeat application if adverse growing conditions persist.

Seed treatment

To improve root growth, maintain vigour and reduce crop stress, apply Action 10 to the seed at a rate of 500ml-1L/100kg of seed. Allow seed to dry for 24 hours before seeding. Note: Action 10 is water based and should not be mixed with oil based seed treatments.



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